PB Ginny is dedicated to managing access and permanence within Self-Banking Areas. Through the inputs and outputs available, it interacts with the recognition and authorization devices for access (e.g. badge readers) and unlocks the lock on the entrance door, checking its openings and closings.
PB Ginny detects the presence of people within the Self Area, checks their occupation times and determines long-term situations by managing limited extension requests; guides the User through the various phases with visual signals (display / external traffic lights) and with messages disseminated within the Area through voice synthesis.
It also detects situations of potential emergency (illness) and undue occupations, activating specific local messages and alarm signals.
PB Ginny can be connected via PB Bus to a PB Elettronica alarm control unit thus becoming an integral part of a remote supervised system. Locally it allows you to manage the control of the Self Area in a coordinated and integrated way with the various security and video surveillance subsystems.

Versions and order codes
In painted metal container with anti-opening protection. Dimensions: 45x37x13 cm (lxhxp).
Power Supply
Equipped with 5A switching power supply to be connected to the 220 Vac mains.
Battery housed in the container
Normally 7Ah, max 18Ah.